By many measures, agriculture is the Commonwealth’s largest industry, and it certainly is a large part of our way of life in the 27th.  However, it can also be a difficult life as many of our small farms are struggling. This is why I will continue to encourage participation in Best Management Practices.  However, we need to be sure to listen to our farmers and find out from them what ideas they have for best practices. Providing freedom and independence for our small farms means listening to them.   Allowing independence for our farmers also means loosening restrictions on solar so that they can put cells on land that might not otherwise be profitable. There is also much else that we can do, from investing in vocational training to revisiting zoning for agritourism to making it easier for farms to distribute their products locally.  The goal, as always, is to help keep farming viable as a way of life and to not make it more any more burdensome.